Thanks for your interest in using Blossoms Asia's music!  

You are free to use our music on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram. 
Please make sure to credit the artist and label (using their social media links) and include a Spotify link to the original song. We do not flag nor take-down any videos using our music. Your video will show a copyright claim from The District & Blossoms Asia and may be monetized by us. 

In order to combat & prevent fake claims, we have decided to enable Content ID. All content creator will still be able to use & monetize except the content creator will need to dispute each claim. You will get a claim from our distributor “The District”. Please send your video's URL to


  • You will be claimed if you don’t PROPERLY GIVE CREDIT to our music.  

Solution: Properly add credits to the description of your video. 

  • You will be claimed if the video ALREADY HAVE MULTIPLE CLAIMS by other copyright holders.  

Why do we do this? If you have 1 claim or more than 1 claim on your video, you no longer can monetize your video. The 3rd party claimant will take all the revenue which makes no sense since they are also taking a % of Blossoms Asia’s share.  

Solution: Remove the other claims first. Then send the video URL to again. 

  •  Music promotion channels of any sort are not eligible to monetize our releases. If you would like to promote Diversity Recordings music on your channel please contact us and request that we add your channel to our allowlist for promotional purposes. 



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You can upload our releases after they have been uploaded on our channel and officially released on digital stores. 



If you’re a commercial entity looking to license our music for TV/Film/Commercial use please contact us: